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Shotwire offers tailored products for media content producers, contributors, and consumers.

Please select a product or service that best fits your use case requirements. Contact us if you have any questions. We can help tailor the best solution for your needs with one or more of our products. We can also integrate legacy or third party requirements as needed. +1(424)229-2118

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Video Solutions

Shotwire Video Cloud - Beta

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  • Video Asset Management Cloud Services
  • Custom Encoding Workflows for various playback proxy videos
  • Public & Private Marketplace and Distribution tools

Shotwire Enterprise

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  • Shotwire Licensed Private platform
  • Service Level Agreements available
  • Complete Source Control with Full CI/CD Workflow Integrations

Shotwire Video Content Subscription Licenses

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  • Shotwire Video Content Use Licenses available from our in house archive as well as partner providers and contributors
  • Individual Content licenses also available here
  • Search for the content you need or get alerts emailed to you when content arrives in our marketplace



Use cases

  • Case 1: Professional photographer uploads photos and videos to Shotwire Cloud to securely distribute photos and videos to clients around the globe and provide a private marketplace for authenticated users to purchases licenses.

  • Case 2: International Photo Agency editors work around the clock editing photos uploaded by event photographers on location in real time and blasting final cuts to news clients across the globe.

  • Case 3: Photo-journalist on assignment uploads time sensitive photos and privately streams files to client.

  • Case 4: News producers search Shotwire’s content and partner archives to locate desired content for publishing in print, television, and internet productions. Live alerts on desired content feeds are available for breaking news content.

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